Frog and Friends


One of the many things about retirement is spending more time with the grandkids.  Hailey loves to craft and make cards so I rely on Stampin’ Ups! Online Kits a great deal.  We recently made up the Frog and Friends Kit.  This kit makes adorable animals that you use for a catching game.  There is a shark, fish and frog. The kit makes 3 of each character.

Hailey is eight.  This kit is perfect for kiddos that are that age or older.  She loves playing this game!  Here’s Hailey wearing her best fish face!
This kit is a must have if you have kids in your family!  I guarantee a good time!


P.S.  Can you please forward this to any crafty friends you have?  I’m trying to grow my audience. Thanks!


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